Guarding Services


Guarding Cerberus Security

Our security guards are fully trained and  licensed

Traditional Static Guards

No business can exist or grow without a safe and secure environment. The key to reducing risks and preventing losses lies in being aware, alert and prepared at all times. We provide a traditional Static Guard service to the industrial, commercial, public and private sectors.

Our static guards are fully trained, licensed and screened uniformed security officers, who will provide a physical security presence at a client’s premises. Cerberus Security have created teams of the most experienced officers at competitive rates, who carry out industry-best practices.  These systems can also be tailored for our clients who do not require full time security, or who only require mobile checks and emergency response.

Industrial Sector

Securing industrial premises comes with a very unique set of challenges, our experienced team  understand the day-to-day challenges in the industrial sector and provide a range of services:

  •  Mobile patrols
  •  Alarm response
  •  Open / lock-up services
  •  Key holdings
  •  Assisting with controlled shutdown
  •  Assisting with controlled start up’s
  •  Monitoring and logging lock out tag outs
  •  Monitoring and logging access and egress times

Commercial Sector

Securing commercial premises is uniquely challenging, however, Cerberus has a wealth of experience in securing and increasing efficiency in a range of commercial premises, through different services:

  •  Controlling access to and egress from premises
  •  Protecting against spurious claims
  •  Reducing theft issues
  •  Safeguarding assets
  •  Reducing loss and maximising opportunity to trade successfully

Public Sector

Local and public sectors always have a need for cost-effective security solutions to take care of day-to-day challenges. These challenges differ depending on the client but Cerberus Security Officers possess a skillset that makes them capable of dealing with any problem and finding the correct solution.

Private and Residential Sector

We provide a service that is effective in driving down crime, giving residents the peace of mind they deserve. Our residential guards have worked in a variety of public and private estates, and are capable of dealing with all incidents to ensure a home is safe and secure. 


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