Specialist security services from risk assessment to test purchasing

At Cerberus Security we can alter our services to match the demands of our clients’ environments. We offer a range of specialist security services from risk assessment to test purchasing. Ensuring that people feel safe, buildings are secure, and the working communities are supported.

Risk Assessment

We provide a full range of services required by organisations who want to minimise risks to their operations.

CPTED – Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

We provide a crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) service, this is a multidisciplinary approach to preventing criminal behavior by environmental design. The main goal of CPTED is to deter criminals from committing criminal acts in our communities by changing the areas people reside in. With urban design, and the planning that goes into the creation of new and reformation of older communities, citizens in these neighborhoods and places of business can feel safer at all hours.

Health and Safety

As an employer or duty holder you are legally obliged under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 to carry out a risk assessment of the significant risks in your workplace or business.
At Cerberus we can guide you in the right direction and assist you in undertaking risk assessments for your business. Once completed the risk assessment will be retained as a record in your Health and Safety file.

Liability Limiting

One of the crucial issues for all contractors, sub-contractors and consultants to consider when entering into contracts is how to limit their liability for losses they might cause their employer to suffer. At Cerberus, we have a specialist team who ensure this won’t occur, the five areas we monitor and analyse are:

    •  Caps on Liability
    •  Exclusion Causes
    •  Net Contribution Clauses
    •  Warranty Checks
    •  Liability Limitations


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