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Managed Security Cerberus Security

Our services span all elements of the security landscape


Our Managed Security Services aid and assist you in meeting your security objectives while controlling operational costs. We look to upgrade security policies and processes, while proactively identifying vulnerabilities and threats in the system. This results in better visibility, improved security, and reduced risk. Our services span all elements of the security landscape, and we specialise in system design, training and security awareness.

Security System Design

Having the correct security system in place is essential in the fight against crime, and in particular burglary and theft. With years of experience in designing security systems for the public and private sectors, we carry out a systematic and rigorous approach. This involves:

  •  Conceptual design
  •  Design development
  •  Conceptual design

We analyse the current security policies, procedures and systems within the organisation. We firstly audit the site, making an indepth inspection of the resources available and the systems currently in place. We then examine the future expectations and requirements of the proposed systems, and put together a preliminary design and budget that meets the end-user expectations as well as operational, financial and regulatory requirements.

Design Development

The second stage of development guarantees that the design remains within budget, and the system meets the organization’s current objectives. We always look to design a system that will allow the contractor  to completely understand the requirements of the system. We also build systems that look to the future and can easily be modified to keep up with any future developments within the organisation. The report includes                 a step-by-step guide for successful integration, migration, installation, support and maintenance.

Business Security and Awareness Training

A major worry for every business is the problem of security. Inadequate security is the reason for companies losing millions of euro each year. It costs money for both the customers and for the business. A business’s security is at risk every day, and that’s why Cerberus Security has started the initiative of educating employees in security and awareness.

We train employees to understand security issues and behave in a manner that minimizes risks—all in accordance with current regulatory requirements. We look to educate employees on many of today’s key security issues, including information on theft, guarding the premises, and triggers to look out for in customers, this will help you determine if your business is under threat. Our aim is to raise employee awareness of the reality of threats and vulnerabilities and their consequences. This helps them take active roles in securing your enterprise.

We offer a variety of training services in-house, but we also educate onsite at a company’s base location. So, if you need to improve your businesses security, please feel free to contact us


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