Patrol Services


Patrol Services Cerberus Security

Mobile Patrol to Emergency Response 

  • Mobile Patrol

    Our mobile patrol service provides a high profile presence that deters potential threats and protects property, assets and the public. All patrols are timed to client specifications, and are available 24 hours a day. Our mobile patrols are cost effective, and are an excellent alternative to traditional guarding solutions.

    Premises Open and Close

    Our open and close service  guarantees the safety of clients’ staff. It also ensures all procedures are carried out before the day starts or after the day ends.The procedures we  carry out are tailored to client requirements, and everything from setting and disarming the alarm to turning on and off lights can be taken care of. It provides reassurance to the owner, that nothing is left to chance.

    Lone Worker Checks

    In order to comply with health and safety and duty of care of staff regulations, lone workers need to be checked on a regular basis. We  provide a check call procedure to suit your exact needs. In the event there is no response to a check call we will take agreed action that will ensure that the lack of response is investigated and appropriate action taken to summon assistance if necessary.

    Keyholding and  Alarm Response

    More and more businesses understand the risks associated with having their own employees as a key holder. A business owner may already work long hours and have enough stress without being worried about the premises and staff 24/7. Hence, the number of companies outsourcing their key holding to a professional security company is increasing year-on-year.

    A quick and managed response from Cerberus Security Mobile Patrol to an alarm activation is an important element of the security process, after all “without a response an alarm is just a noise”, and key holders can be at risk when responding to alarm activation.  Cerberus Security’s designated key holders and mobile patrols are trained to handle these situations through a pre-planned escalation protocol. We have the resources and skills to act appropriately and summon assistance when necessary, ensuring the premises is secure.

    Emergency Response

    There are occasions that demand urgent emergency assistance, a security team can be dispatched to your retail, industrial or commercial premises at a moment’s notice. We will be among the first to arrive, and we will stay until the crisis is over. Ensuring the safety of the public and staff, and confirming that the premises and assets of the business are secured.


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