SOFT SERVICES Cerberus Security


At Cerberus, we offer a range of additional soft services to our clients alongside our security services. We understand that sometimes clients need more than just security. We provide a highly customer-focused service, building relationships with internal customers as well as subcontractors, along with the option of managing employed staff. We pride ourselves on a level of commercial awareness and sector knowledge that optimises budget management, service improvement and cost reduction to the client.

Night Porters Service

Cerberus Security can provide a night porter service that ensures the safety of all guests and the security of the building is maintained at all times. Offering excellent customer service to all guests and visitors.

Concierge Service

Apartments, hotels and office buildings often provide a concierge to serve and manage guests. We offer a similar service with the added bonus of security. Our service guarantees the maintenance of the building and aids tenants with any day-to-day problems they encounter.

Mailroom Service

The mailroom is the central hub of the internal mail system and the interface with external mail. Our mailroom service controls the incoming and outgoing mail, we make sure mail is processed and sorted in the correct manner. Our service ensures the preparation of packaged goods, letters, and other mail for shipping by the local post office or an independent shipping service.

Courier Service

We provide a national courier service, if a customer needs a package delivered, legal documents or files moved, we can do it. Instead of hiring an external service and dealing with paperwork we can deliver straight away.

Stocktaking Service

We provide a full stocktaking service to the retail and wholesale sectors. This can be performed as an intensive annual check, monitored continuously, or can be a tailored to your requirements. We have an experienced team that provides a detailed service; we check the quantity and condition of items and provide a detailed report at the end of each stocktake.

Holiday Relief Service

Cerberus Security provides a holiday relief service for public and private sectors. Many business owners are worried about taking time off work because of security concerns, we can offer a tailor-made solution,  that gives business owners the peace of mind to take time-off. We provide a variety of services, that include:


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